Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition
Noell Wolfgram Evans · From fps #4 · September 1, 2005 | To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Toy Story, Disney has just released the film as a two-disc DVD set. When I got the DVD package in my hands, I stared at the cover for the longest time. Has it really been ten years since we were first introduced to Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear and, for many, Pixar? Doesn't it feel like it was so much longer ago? I suppose this feeling is both a testament to the filmmakers, for creating characters so familiar that they feel as if they've always been around, and a mark of our increasingly computer-animated times.

Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition
Directed by John Lasseter
Pixar Animation Studios/Walt Disney Home Video, 2005
Originally released theatrically in 1995
81 minutes

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Toy Story is being celebrated on two fronts: for its immense (and deserved) popularity among audiences and for its incredible influence in the world of entertainment. Since its release those ten long years ago, the animation landscape has decidedly changed. Here's the capsulated version: Computer animation is no longer the exception, it's now the norm. Hand drawn animation (at least from American studios) is now something of the redheaded stepchild of the film industry. Animation has seen a new emergence in attention and prestige, such as the addition of an Academy Award category for best animated feature. Pixar went from being a virtual unknown to perhaps the most popular and influential studio in Hollywood, certainly eclipsing all others in the public's mind as the studio for animation. The popularity for animation has crossed media with television seeing a large influx of new animated programs. While this may not all have been started by Toy Story, the movie about two characters who hang out with a talking potato can inarguably be seen as a major catalyst for this change.

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