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Originally a print magazine, Frames Per Second (fps) was first published in 1991 by Emru Townsend, with news, features and commentary on all aspects of animation—conception, creation, voice-acting, screenings—from all over the world. Animation fans and insiders alike lauded the publication for its take on all aspects of the animation world.

Launched in 2003, fpsmagazine.com continues the fps tradition of articulate and insightful analyses of animation in all its forms. The site is composed of news, features, commentary, festival overviews, reviews, a treasure trove of links, and lists of animation-related video, DVD, music and book releases. Serving all lovers of all animation equally, fps is not just an anime source, a studio animation source, or a television animation source. fps is just about animation: traditional, 3D, stop-motion, studio-driven, independent, feature-length, episodic, short, American, European, Asian, or African.

fps provides several types of advertising on our website and in our weekly e-mail newsletter. For more information, download our rate card below. Click the link to read the document online, or right-click (Option-click on the Mac) and choose Save Link As or Save Target As to save it to your hard disk.

To read the media kit you must have Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher installed. Click the logo below to download the free Adobe Reader.

Questions? Contact Tamu Townsend at (514) 577-9526, or via e-mail.
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