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September 2005

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What's in This Issue
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The Best of the Fests
Emru Townsend makes the case for festival coverage.

Open House
Class is in session, and Armen Boudjikanian asks five questions of five teachers.

Flipping Pages
René Walling on learning animation through books.

Growing Pains
One of Canada's premier animation institutions is evolving. Mark Mayerson notes the rough patches.

Immersed in Domes, Falling Bodies and Stereo Vision: Where's the Gravity?
The many expressions of the animated state of the art at SIGGRAPH 2005 exhilirate and frustrate Janeann Dill. Also: Emru Townsend on SIGGRAPH's Japan Media Arts Festival screenings.

Wilkosz and the Bear
Jason Vanderhill traces the career of the Polish animator who has charmed the children of the world.

My Neighbors the Yamadas, Pom Poko, Toy Story 10th Anniversary Edition, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Fafner Vol. 1, Appleseed & Samurai Champloo UMDs and the PlayStation Portable

Where to Get It
How to find the titles mentioned in this issue.
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