Michael Arias
Emru Townsend: What do you have planned for future animation projects?

Michael Arias: Nothing, at the moment. I'm about to finish work on my contribution to the NHK (Japanese public television) short animated film series Ani-Kuri. That will be aired in September, I think. There are also segments by Tekkon animation supervisor Nishimi Shojiro and Tekkon art director Shinji Kimura.

These are great fun. I did my "episode" with one of Tekkon's assistant animation supervisors, Takayuki Hamada, as well as some other members of the Tekkon crew, so the look is very much in keeping with what we did together before.

Beyond that, right now I'm currently in pre-production for a live-action feature. Small, independent, something I've wanted to do for a while. I've got a couple other things bouncing around—just the bare bones of a story I'd like to do some day, perhaps as animation, but I'm not really sure yet.

ET: Do you see yourself as pursuing animation more, or live action? Or is it just a matter of whatever suits a given story?

I think whatever technique suits the story. There are practical considerations that I'd consider before embarking on something as ambitious as a feature film, animated or live-action: budgets, schedules, availability of artists and actors, etc. But, in the end, I am fairly promiscuous in that sense—animation, live action, I'll do whatever I think is right for the material.
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