Rock & Rule (Part 1)
Canada Trust Company/Unearthed Films
Emru Townsend: Given that for these effects, especially for the beast, you could probably do them in a fraction of the time now in Photoshop and After Effects, is that a good or a bad thing that it's so much easier to do now?

Anne Marie Bardwell: What's the point in worrying about it?

Clive Smith: Yeah. It doesn't matter.

Norm Stangel: You can do more now.

Anne Marie Bardwell: It's irrelevant.

Norm Stangel: You just push it harder as you get more ability.

Anne Marie Bardwell: But the important thing is that it was done.

Dave Cox: Everybody looks at stuff now and says how much easier they can do it now than they did whatever they did back then, but it's not...

Larry Jacobs: Norm's right. When you've got more toys you just create more stuff.

Clive Smith: You reach further, obviously, depending on the tools you use.

Robin Budd: [Referring to animation of the beast] I'm trying to figure out—did Chuck do that?

Larry Jacobs: Yeah.

Laura Shepherd: The beast was seventy seconds of animation and it took pretty much a crew of twelve of us a year and a half.

John Halfpenny: But a lot of that was developing the whole thing, too.

Laura Shepherd: That wasn't.

John Halfpenny: Oh, not including that.

Laura Shepherd: That was once the animation started.

Norm Stangel: When I was brought into the production, there was only supposed to be ten minutes of effects on the film. [laughter]

Anne Marie Bardwell: And you believed it?

Greg Duffell: So you stayed ten minutes. [laughter]

Norm Stangel: [I thought] it was a six-month gig, so sure.
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