Rock & Rule (Part 1)
Emru Townsend: Were you encouraged by things like Bakshi's movies and Heavy Metal, which was all around then, within the five years before that?

Larry Jacobs: What's the time frame with Heavy Metal?

Clive Smith: The story here is that [Heavy Metal producer] Ivan Reitman came to us when we were just in the early stages of developing Drats! We'd put a lot of energy into that and we were very, very enthusiastic about it, and he came in with Heavy Metal looking for a studio to do it.

John Halfpenny: To do the whole thing or just a sequence?

Anne Marie Bardwell: Yeah, to do the whole thing.

Clive Smith: He was looking for a studio to actually produce it, and we basically turned him away because we were far more keen on going in the direction that we were going with our film.

Larry Jacobs: We were doing our own thing. As far as Bakshi is concerned, I think the stuff that we'd seen from Bakshi's up to that point was like, oh, we can do better than this. So it was an encouragement on that level.

Anne Marie Bardwell: But it was also a reference point.

Norm Stangel: Yeah, I think it was encouraging.

Anne Marie Bardwell: Yeah! It was a reference point because, I mean, what else was out there?

Robin Budd: Yeah, there wasn't much.

Anne Marie Bardwell: No.

Robin Budd: He was neat because he was irreverent. But at the same time, his films were, like...

Anne Marie Bardwell: It wasn't where you wanted to go, it was just something else that was on the horizon when there was very little else that you could even relate to with regards to what this film was going to be.

Plus, I think that a bunch of us had known each other through college, and there were relationships there in the group of people that we have that really made the film doable from a personal standpoint.

Clive Smith: A family sense, then. That's what you're saying.

Anne Marie Bardwell: I hate to say that word, but there was a lot of blood involved.

John Halfpenny: Yeah. You would allow somebody to go off in a different direction than you were going because you trusted them.

Anne Marie Bardwell: It wasn't like anybody was off with other—you know, you didn't know what somebody else's agenda was. It was all about doing this stuff called animation and exploring and there was a lot of enthusiasm about what we were going to make. Everybody was really passionate about it. Even if you found the money and the story got somehow saved and everything else, you can't buy that. So there was this whole foundation that I think made it possible, too.
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