Ralph Bakshi
Emru Townsend: In general, I've really loved your work over all these years. It's definitely been a pleasure.

Ralph Bakshi: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

I know you can't answer this because you don't have any control over this, but when is Mighty Mouse coming out on DVD?

Well, if it wasn't for John Kricfalusi it would still be on. If he hadn't put the goddamned coke in the goddamned flower, it would still be on the air. You can tell John that.

I'll tell him the next time I see him.

Tell him to fuck himself. He cost me a show. Another genius.

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse was the last thing of yours that I saw, and I really did enjoy it quite a bit. It was a lot of fun.

I appreciate it. I'm just having some fun at your expense.

I can tell. You know, on second thought maybe I won't buy you that drink if I ever meet you.

Oh, fuck that.
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