Ralph Bakshi
Emru Townsend: You love the comic artists from the '50s, '60s, '70s.

Ralph Bakshi: The '40s. I [would also include] the '40s.

I stopped at the '50s because you'd said Wally Wood and—

I love Simon and Kirby, and then Elias, Lee Elias is sensational.

Do you like anything coming out now? Never mind now. In the last twenty years?

Well, I like Crumb very much. Um... yeah, there's some good stuff. I like that guy—Baker, is his name Baker? The guy that did [The Cowboy Wally Show]?

Kyle Baker!

Yeah. He's great.

Bullets, the Bullets comic book, what is it?

100 Bullets?

No, Bullets and... I forget. A whole series of very good stuff. "Bullets" is in part of the title. [Possibly Stray Bullets. —Ed.] Very good stuff. So yeah, some very good guys out there working.

Well—and you know I'm going to keep on coming back to this theme—given that Wizards is very comic-book inspired, and for that matter Fire and Ice—again, the hypothetical question, if you could make whatever you wanted, who would you be interested in working with today to make a comic-book–themed or comic-book–inspired animated film?

[pause] I ain't gonna tell ya. I fucking ain't gonna tell ya. That's my secret. [laughs] I ain't gonna tell ya.

Winnie the Pooh. I love [E.H.] Shepard. I love Shepard, the guy who illustrated the original Winnie the Pooh books, I would love to make a film with his work.

Yeah, as opposed to these Disney aberrations.

Oh, my God. What a beautiful artist. What an artist.

And sadly it's becoming less and less available. Everything's the Disney Pooh now.

The little bastards. Look what they did to my Pooh. I mean, the little scratchy, pen-and-ink line...

Yeah, I still have my battered original Pooh books.

Pooh books, that's great. When he draws, they're magic. And of course, Wind in the Willows by the same artist. Oh, my God. I'll do that in a flash. I'll really sell out.
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